difficulty conceiving

Difficulty conceiving

I have worked with many women and couples who have experienced difficulty conceiving. Couples who have tried everything and where IVF treatment has left them feeling helpless and desperate. If you have been down this road or are currently on it, there is a big chance I may be able to help you. My professional experience is that the relationship between a mother and daughter can have a huge impact on the daughter’s subconscious readiness and willingness to to become a mother herself.

difficulty conceivingSubconscious blockages can literally block the process of conceiving. In my professional experience this usually concerns unresolved issues between the mother and daughter and/or negative imprints regarding having and raising children the daughter has picked up from her own mother (or others) and subconsciously internalised.

Difficulty conceiving – Feedback from one of my clients:

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you again for your help. My husband and I attended your therapy sessions over 3 years ago because I was having difficulty conceiving. We had been trying for 3 years previous, without success. Your hypnotherapy resulted in us successfully conceiving, only a month later! The day that I read the positive pregnancy test was one of the happiest moments of my life! That and of course the days of my sons’ births.I now have a second son who is nearly one year old. I will be forever grateful to you for helping us in this unique way. Bless you & I hope you are healthy & well. Thanks again!”


The treatment for if you are having difficulty conceiving is an holistic approach tailored to meet the needs of your personal situation. It involves:

  • Understanding the respective underlying causes and triggers.
  • Connecting to your subconscious and releasing/processing blockages.
  • Creating more inner space for the pregnancy.

How many sessions do you need?

Because of the way I work the sexual healing treatment operates on a deep level tackling the root of the problem, the results are long-lasting, successful and in many cases achieved with relatively few sessions. Appointments are usually made once a week in the beginning of the therapy and after a a few sessions the frequency can change to once every two weeks, and then after another few sessions to once every 3 weeks. The average number of sessions is about six and the first session is always an intake.

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