Welcome to Justin Cooper’s practice!

A warm welcome to my website. My name is Justin Cooper, I am a native-English speaking therapist, counsellor and teacher with a lot of experience.

Please note that I have taken a one-year sabbatical from my practice as from September 2023. In this year I will just be teaching and giving workshops.

My practice is located in the Sprielder forest close to Putten in the beautiful Veluwe. Prior to this, my practice was based in Amsterdam for 2o years. My services include hypnotherapy, coaching, men's work, systemic constellation and workshops focusing on healing the motherwound and fatherwound. I also teach on various professional courses at the Academy of Psychodynamics.

Online sessions

It is possible to do online hypnotherapy and counselling sessions. I have actually been doing this for years for people living abroad with great success. Please click here for testimonials.

My personal vision

The way I work is both down to earth and practical and at the same time holistic and integrative. I strongly believe that every human being has a sort of self-healing ability, an inner source, with which we can restore the balance in ourselves and improve the quality of our lives. Just like learning to drive a car you can also learn to tap into your own inner resources.

Furthermore, I see my work as a 'wake-up call' which means helping you break through the layers of conditioned behaviour and fear so you can reconnect to what is really important to you and be true to yourself.

It's about being more present in your body, opening your heart and calming your mind. This is where creativity and spirituality meet, where playfulness and curiosity are alive and fulfilment and purpose serve as an inner compass.


25th March free online trial lesson – Life Force Ritual

It is with a big inner smile and gratitude that I announce my first online Life Force Ritual course in English starting on the 14th May. There are 8 online sessions and 1 full practice day spread over 2 months.

The life force ritual is a meditation in motion which uses simple movements which allow you to enter a deep state of consciousness. The movements are based on powerful symbols from different wisdom traditions from the East and West which connect you to the totality of life deep inside you.

I can say with my hand on my heart that the life force ritual is 'life-changing'. Out of everything I have ever done in my life, this ritual has created the most powerful shift in consciousness.

More info here.


My search for the right therapist and therapy was a difficult one as I was not really sure what I needed. So when I went for my first session with Justin I did have my doubts. Fortunately, Justin was able to naturally put me at ease, with and without words. I felt I could trust him and without that I don’t think I would have been able to really open up. It’ is quite amazing how much has changed in myself and my life in the space of a couple of months. Thank you so much!