I am me space: healing the father wound

There are two places left on the Father wound workshop this coming Sunday. It’s an opportunity to connect more deeply to the role your father has had in your life and your relationship to him, and in particular to your own male energy.

Your father, in many ways, is the doorway to your own male energy. If your father struggled with being an empowered, balanced man, you will also struggle with creating a healthy and empowered balance in your male energy. You will then connect more to the shadow male energy as described below. You will experience this either directly or indirectly depending on whether you are a man or a woman.

There are two main expressions of shadow male energy. One is the more externally directed energy which manifests in working very hard, pushing yourself and going over your own boundaries. In it’s most negative manifestation this can develop into aggressive, tyrannical behaviour.

The other end of the spectrum is that you become passive and lack direction and focus. Your male energy is like and old motor which you struggle to get going. In this case there is a clear disconnection to the healthy manifestation of male energy and personal leadership.

Both manifestations of shadow male energy share something common – you are missing your authentic ‘I am me’ awareness and energy. In other words, what is your unique gift to the world?

In this workshop we shall be working towards owning, loving and healing the father wound to allow the healthy, empowered expression of the male energy to flow more.

If you want to sign-up for this workshop or you would like more practical information please go to this page.