HypnotherapyJustin Cooper

I am Justin Cooper, a native-English speaking therapist, counsellor and teacher with my own practice in west Amsterdam. After graduating with a first class honours degree, I initially pursued a career in journalism and publishing and communications. Following several promotions I worked as Group Editor for a number of magazines until my lifestyle of deadlines, stress and a lot of travelling started to take its toll. With two slipped discs I would still drag myself to the office until one day the straw that broke the camel’s back became reality for me.

A complicated operation was unavoidable and when I woke up from the anaesthetic, I had (temporary) paralysis in both legs. An intensive period of rehabilitation followed in which I had to learn to walk again. This whole experience marked a major turning point in my life during which I became even more interested in personal and spiritual development.

Justin CooperIn 1997, when I was back on my feet I moved to the Netherlands to make a new start. A couple of years later, whilst running the communications for a European NGO, I took a four-year course in hypnotherapy.

I have been working as a fully certified hypnotherapist since 2003 and find it both a privilege and a joy to be able to help guide people through challenging and difficult periods in their lives. I know what if feels like as I have had my own share of painful and difficult experiences form early childhood. I strongly believe that every human being has a sort of self-healing ability, an inner source, with which we can restore the balance in ourselves and improve the quality of our lives. Just like learning to drive a car you can also learn to tap into your own inner resources. They both give you independence. As a therapist my job is to help guide you in this process.

My personal vision is that therapy should be down to earth, practical and to the point. Furthermore, I see my work as a ‘wake-up call’ which means helping you break through the layers of conditioned behaviour and fear so you can reconnect to what is really important to you and be true to yourself. It’s about following your heart which is where creativity and spirituality meet, where playfulness and curiosity are alive and fulfilment and purpose serve as an inner compass.

I am also a fully certified Mindfulness trainer and give mindfulness and self-compassion courses in both groups and on a one-on-one basis. Mindfulness and heartfulness are an integral part of my life.

Furthermore I teach hypnotherapy and mindfulness at the Dutch Academy for Psychodynamics and I also teach at the Dutch Institute for Advanced Therapeutic Studies (BiVT).

I am a member of CAT (Collective association of Alternative Therapists). Each year I follow extra courses, workshops and retreats to both sustain and develop my knowledge further and also to live and embody a mindful and heartful way of life.

I am registered with the following professional bodies

  • I am a fully licenced member of the Collective Alternative  Therapists

  • I have the highest and most up-to-date qualifications with the Dutch Association of Higher Education

  • I have a AGB Practitioners licence and a AGB Practice licence

CrKBO geregistreerd docent

  • I am a CrKBO registered teacher.

  • My practice is registered at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce), my number is: 343.39.384