OWN, LOVE & HEAL it workshops

OWN, LOVE & HEAL it workshops

These workshops have different themes related to owning, loving and healing our male and female wounds. They are geared to releasing our amazing potential to live and embody grounded, empowered and heartfelt lives, where our male and female energy are in balance and serve one another.

Even though years and years of patriarchal domination have disrupted this balance, the tide is truly turning. More and more men are stepping up and owning their own process and women continue to push forward to create a better world based on respect, love and equality.

For whom

These workshops are for men and women who are on a journey of personal development and spiritual awareness. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work on your own process with other like-minded people facing the same issues. In this respect we are all in the same boat, struggling with the same things. It is ironic that we can easily become isolated in our personal pain while in fact it is the one thing that intrinsically connects us to others. Together we can help one another not only own, love and heal our male and female wounds, but also contribute to healing the collective pain in the world today.

Dates and themes

23rd June: The mother wound 

Finding a healthy and empowered way of loving your mother is a big process for all of us…. but one which is so necessary if you want to own, love and heal the male and female energy inside yourself. Any inner conflict here will compromise your ability to love yourself and restrict the love you are able to receive. It will also restrict and weaken the flow of positive male energy which you need for clarity, focus, direction and taking action. Sound familiar?

15th September: The father wound

Missing a strong, present father is also a big wound that many men and women carry deep inside of themselves and is inextricably connected to the mother wound. Our child male energy is like a charger, it needs to plug in to our father’s energy to switch itself on. This is all about feeling seen and recognised. When this is missing we either look for external sources of energy to compensate this which leave us feeling depleted and disillusioned, or we shut down and withdraw. Our male energy needs real direction and purpose.

17th November: No more wounded story

This workshop is specifically about unmasking and exposing our wounded stories. You know, the one which leaves you believing  that you have been wronged and leaves you feeling like a victim. Rewriting this story, is not about denying your pain, it’s about tapping into your amazing potential to turn pain into gain and isolation in to connection. This is going to be one empowering, transformative and healing workshop!

Intuitive approach

I will work in an intuitive way with how the workshop theme unfolds in the group and I will use a combination of the following: breath and body work, groep hypnosis and visualisations, inner-child work, movement, healing and meditation, rituals and ceremonies. Further, in each workshop we shall do at least one, maybe two systemic constellations. Systemic work is a wonderful technique for working with the different aspects of the male and female energy.


The investment is €100 per workshop and you are required to pay the full fees at least two weeks before the workshop. N.B. If you sign-up for three workshops you receive €50 discount. In this case you are required to pay the discounted price for all three workshops two weeks before the first workshop.


“I am completely fascinated by one of the OWN, LOVE & HEAL workshops. After spending several years agonizing over the feeling of being a fraud and dealing with my inability to internalise my own accomplishments and self-worth, I went to the “I want to break free” workshop. After that, I have a newfound sense of purpose and I am now able to embrace, acknowledge and celebrate my self-worth. Thank you, Justin, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and for showering me with your kind and warm soul during the workshop. I can’t wait for many others. I only wish I had met you before. AHO! Thank you!”

Practical information

Duration: You are welcome from 09.30 so you can first settle in to the space and have a cup of tea. We start at 10.00 and finish at 17.00.

Address: The address is Balboastraat 20-C6, 1057 VW Amsterdam

Parking: If you come by car there are plenty of parking spaces around the square where my practice is located.


You can contact me by e-mail (justin@modernehypnotherapie.nl) or call me on 06-12560631.