Mindfulness and coaching
Mindfulness and coaching

If you have a busy and tight schedule, would like to work and live more mindfully and are also in need of some guidance, a combination of mindfulness and coaching could be exactly what you need. A one-on-one mindfulness course or a tailor-made programme with coaching to fit your own needs and situation is a powerful and transformative combination. I have a lot of experience working with senior managers and consultants on a one-to-one level. There are two programmes available:

  • Individual mindfulness course: you are taught the mindfulness course, which involves 8 sessions lasting 1.5 hours, on an individual basis. Meditation and awareness exercises form the heart of the programme backed up by the practical, course workbook. The goal is to cultivate mindfulness in the areas of your life in which you are feeling stress and causing you to feel out of balance and, on a more general level, that you integrate mindfulness in your life as a whole.

Costs: €1200 (btw/VAT not applicable) for the 8-week course

  • Tailor-made mindfulness and coaching: this programme usually involves between 5-8 sessions, lasting 75 minutes, but can be shorter or longer if required. The difference to following the individual mindfulness course is that the things you are dealing with at work or in your private life drive the agenda of the sessions, as opposed to working through the course workbook. Mindfulness meditation and awareness exercises are used together with mindful coaching to focus on increasing your ability to cope effectively with stress and the challenges that you may be facing in your work and/or private life.

Costs: €150 (btw/VAT not applicable) per session

* Please note that sessions can always be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge. I am very flexible as long as you let me know 48 hours in advance. However, if you cancel a session within 48 hours I will have to charge you for it as this does not give me enough time to give the slot to someone else.

How can mindfulness and coaching make a difference?

Mindfulness and coaching

The average person has approximately 45,000 thoughts each day, of which the majority are the same as the thoughts you had yesterday. This a rather unnerving statistic but one which underlines the fact that we are creatures of habit. Because we’re only dimly aware of our thoughts, they wander in an unrestricted way. For example, when we are driving a car, we often drive for miles on end without really being aware of what we are doing. It is as if we are functioning on ‘autopilot’.

This also applies to our lives in general – we are not really ‘there’ during big chunks of our lives. We can be miles away without being aware of it. When we do things on autopilot we are inclined to get caught up in old thinking and behavioural patterns related to the past which propel us into fretting about the future. These patterns can easily lead to a negative spiral of thoughts and feelings. This inevitably results in more stress.

Mindfulness and coaching

By becoming more aware of our thoughts and feelings, both physically and emotionally, from moment to moment, we can de-stress, re-balance and reconnect.


For more information or if you would like to make an appointment for an introductory chat please call Justin Cooper on 0612560631 or send an email to justin@mindfulness-amsterdam.info.