HypnotherapieOnline hypnotherapy and counselling sessions

It is possible to do online hypnotherapy and counselling sessions. I have been doing this for years for people who live abroad and the results are just as convincing as for the clients who come to my practice. Please find below a few testimonials:

After many years of depression, I was in a bad place and I was not sure how I could keep going and living in the same way I did, it was not working clearly for me anymore, I needed a change. I randomly heard about Justin from a friend who was working with him at that moment. Justin helped me to overcome many traumas and blockages from my childhood. We have been working through Skype, and it has been so effective and beneficial for me. I am so grateful for meeting Justin and working with him. Now I am at a point in my life where I have the relationship I always dreamt of, built a company and slowly walking on a path of achieving my dreams happier than ever.
(Jana from Denmark)

I had online sessions with Justin via Skype. I never felt that there was any distance between us. Justin is such a warm and welcoming person. During the sessions, it seemed to me that he was able to intuitively understand my energies and and work with them, even though we connected online instead of in person.
Especially taking into account everything that is going on in the world right now, I am so glad that I did the Skype sessions with Justin. I feel so much more equipped to handle my emotions during these turbulent times. I feel really grateful that I had the chance to connect to Justing irrespective of the physical distance.
(Lisa from Lithuania)

Justin has an amazing ability to intuitively help you understand, heal and process your issues and see the bigger picture. The intake itself was a big eye-opener. He then guided me in reconnecting to the parts of myself that I had lost contact with, the parts of me which were buried underneath my fear and insecurities. And he does it in such a respectful and clear way. I would recommend him to anyone.
(Johan from Germany)