Deep huMAN connection

One-year healing journey for men

Men’s work has given me so much and the greatest gift for me is the gift of deep human connection with other men. This has helped me connect to and heal deeper layers of myself in a way I didn’t know before despite all the courses and workshops I have followed in the last 25 years.

In the monthly men’s groups I give, ‘The empowered and loving man’, I love the little healing rituals I intuitively create as a response to what the brothers need after sharing. I just feel that we could do so much more deep healing and transformational work if we had more time together and if we were to meet more frequently.

Hence my new offering, ‘Deep huMAN connection’ a one-year course, or maybe I can better say, a one-year healing journey for men. It starts in February 2021 and consists of 8 monthly one-day workshops supplemented with monthly online circles between each workshop.

No pre-defined programme

There is not going to be any predefined programme as I want to have 100% space to improvise and co-create with the field of energy and the men taking part. I am actually at my best when I work intuitively in the moment with what men share, tune in to what they need and involve all the men in a collective process.

This could be an intervention to heal an aspect of the mother or father wound, a systemic ritual, body work, healing, massage, energy work, meditation or whatever will serve the brother the most who needs our support and the group as a whole.


We will be working with a base diet of really taking the time to meet one another, to see, to listen, to sense and to feel being in connection with one another. We will this do in couples, small groups and plenary. We will continually practice and further develop our ability to be present, to refine our awareness of what we are feeling and experiencing at all levels, and our ability to communicate this with more clarity and transparency. In particular, the tricky, difficult to get to feelings which are often hidden or buried.

Deeper knowing and inter-connection

In deep huMAN connection we surpass our loneliness and isolated experiences (both painful and positive) and move into a deeper knowing that we are not separate, we are actually one. We are inter-connected, your resistance is also my resistance, your brother’s fear is also your fear. My love is also your love. It’s feeling that you are part of a circle like the knights of the round table. It is this type of deeper connection that makes our souls smile.

Integration time to digest

Futher, there will be a lot of integration time to digest the process of journeying into deeper huMAN connection and to meet any fears or resistance you may encounter along the way. Everything you have in your system, the parts you may struggle to connect to, dislike or even feel ashamed of, are welcome. Together we can meet one another in our vulnerability, the very heart of our humanity, and also meet each other in our greatness.

And as we feel a deeper connection with one another, we will in turn feel a deeper connection with ourselves. We will connect more deeply with our soul, to what has always been inside us and that is a source of enormous love and manifestation potential.

The essence of true brotherhood

For me, this is is the essence of true brotherhood and something I felt very powerfully last year when Ralph Nelissen and I were hugging in the church where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. I felt the powerful presence of Jesus’ disciples and what struck me the most was an incredible sense of unconditional love and support between these men. As I write this, it resonates very deeply inside of me and I am reminded of what is possible when men open their hearts and allow their love to be the leading force in their lives.

Connecting to our deepest fears and feelings

I believe that this can only happen if we, as men, can really drop in to our bodies and connect to our deepest feelings and fears around feeling (emotionally) unsafe. Unsafe because we have been rejected, we don’t feel good enough, or simply because we have never had enough emotionally grounded people around us.

Going deeper into our emotional bodies requires sensitivity, a soft penetrating awareness and the presence of loving brothers who hold space for you. It also requires a very safe and nurturing space in which to do the work and a real sense of slowing down to allow the process to unfold. The more sensitive your system is, the more you need this.

The healing power of nature

Hans Vos, who will be assisting me, and I feel that the universe wants us to open up our new home in the Sprielder forest for this healing and transformational men’s journey. This includes:

  • a separate practice building where we will be working
  • the main house where we will meet for tea and coffee in the morning
  • a sauna in the garden which will be used for integration and relaxation purposes as well as for sharings in small groups
  • an outdoor fireplace
  • the Solse Gat at walking distance, a mythical powerful place in the forest where we will be tapping into the energy for a very special ceremony.

Content overview

  • 8 full day workshops on deep huMAN connection including a vegetarian & organic lunch
  • Exercises to do at home to feed and support the deeper connection with yourself
  • 8 online group sharings
  • Private online brother group

Including personal guidance

  • 1 session Systemic and Shamanic hypnotherapy and/or inner-child work with Justin
  • I will ask you twice duing the course to update me by e-mail on your personal healing journey and I’ll give you feedback on your own process.

What will you learn & experience

  • Exercises to ground your vulnerability and welcome your awareness and soul more into the parts of your body which are protected and closed.
  • Exercises to connect to, acknowledge and own your deeper feelings and wishes and make these visible.
  • A huge amount of self-love
  • Cut through the stories and the bullshit and honour your own inner truth
  • Create more inner balance
  • Anchoring your male energy, your I AM in the fertile female energy of the earth – you are welcome brother!
  • The true power of brotherly love
  • Deep huMAN connection with other men

Practical information

Workshop dates: Saturday 6th February, 6th March, 10th April, 15th May, 12th June, 10th July and 4th September from 10.00 – 17.00
Online sharings: Monday 22nd February, 22nd March, 26th April, 31st May, 28th June, 26th July, 16th August and 20th September from 19.45-22.00
Number of particpants: a small group of 8 men
Location: Koudhoorn (between Garderen and Putten)
Carpooling: we will arrange carpooling where possible.
Investment: €1595
Sign-up: please fill in the on-line form (LINK!!)
Contact: Justin Cooper or call 06-12560631


Once your registration is finalised you are bound to paying the full amount of the course. The only exception is if you cancel within two weeks of registering. In the event that you cancel at a later date you can only receive your money back (minus €50 adminstration costs) if we successfully find someone else to take your place.

If the workshop facilitator is unable to give the course due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a Corona lockdown) the course will be rescheduled and or made available online.

The individual session with Justin must be scheduled within the timeframe of the course and it is the repsonsability of the partcipant to take the initiative to schedule this.