Personal development and therapyServices

In addition to being a hypnotherapist I have a broad range of expertise and experience in counselling, relationship therapy, mindfulness and coaching, all of which are aimed at personal development and improving the quality of your life.


Modern hypnotherapy can effectively treat a range of emotional, psychological and physical problems. It is a way of empowering you to lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Read more.


Counselling is a lighter therapy form which provides a non-judgmental ear for all of your problems, enabling you to gain insights and clarity so you can find an effective way of coping and moving forward. Read more.

Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy is for when you are experiencing problems in your relationship and you cannot solve them yourselves, it’s like you are both trying to man a yacht without having any tools or resources to plot a new course. Read more.

Mindfulness & coaching

If you are struggling to keep it together, feeling stressed and out of balance, mindfulness and coaching is an effective combination. Read more.

Mindfulness course

Following a mindfulness course can be a nice way to start developing a deeper awareness of yourself, it can also be a good follow-up to therapy sessions and some people actually choose to do both simultaneously. Read more