I AM LIFE – Life Force Ritual course starting on the 14th May

It is with a big inner smile and gratitude that I announce my first online Life Force Ritual course in English starting on the 14th May. There are 8 online sessions and 1 full practice day spread over 2 months.

I can say with my hand on my heart that the life force ritual is ‘life-changing’. Out of everything I have ever done in my life, this ritual has created the most powerful shift in consciousness.

What is the life force ritual?

The life force ritual is a meditation in motion which uses simple movements which allow you to enter a deep state of consciousness. The movements are based on powerful symbols from different wisdom traditions from the East and West and connect you to the totality of life deep inside of you.

Four years ago when I first encountered the life force ritual, I could immediately feel how powerful it was. It awakened something in me that I couldn’t name then…. but now I can. It helps connect you to your origin, your deepest nature and your true potential.

How does it work?

Like other meditation practices the Life Force Ritual invites you to relax and go in to a deeper state of consciousness but the way it works is very different. I have personally never experienced anything like it before and I have been meditating in different traditions for 30 years. as well as teaching mindfulness meditation for many years in the past.

Learning and integrating the Life Force Ritual in my life has been quite a humbling experience which has touched me deeply and continues to do so. I love its simplicity and yet infinite depth.

Where most meditation practices actively use a form of focus to calm the mind, the life force ritual is not something you do, it would be more appropriate to say it is an energetic field of intelligence and consciousness in which you are initiated and sink in to.

In other words the hidden wisdom and intelligence of the symbols awakens in your subconscious and connects you more and more to the totality of life that you are. What makes the life force ritual very powerful is that there is a strong spiritual lineage supporting this practice.

14 symbols and 5 phases

Dirk Oellibrandt, supported by Katrien Laurens, from Life Projects in Belgium, has channelled and created the life force ritual as a series of 14 movements spread over 5 phases. The phases are Origin, Creation, Cosmic Order, Healing and Integration.

Your ego may not like it

The life force ritual allows you to experience at a deeper level what isn’t working in your life, where you are still doing things from an old mindset that no longer serves you. It invites you to let life more deeply in. It invites you to wake up to the realization that you are life.

The changes that you need to make in your life start to enter your consciousness in a way you can no longer ignore. This can be an intense process which I’m sure your ego won’t like, but it’s definitely more that worth it. It’s beautiful to feel the fullness and goodness of life unfolding more.

What does it give you?

  • It gives you more vitality and life force
  • A peaceful and satisfied feeling that life is good
  • A deep initiation into the original oneness with heaven, earth and the elements of life
  • A deep connection with your spiritual ancestors
  • Direct connection to the great source of life
  • It awakens timeless wisdom within you

The importance of integration

The life force ritual expands your energy field and consciousness which means that integrating and learning to embody this is important. I will support you with this process during the course. Spiritual growth has little impact when this part of the process is skipped.

Contents of the lessons

  • 8 sessions and one practice day (all online as I want to give people outside the Netherlands the chance to take part. Don’t worry, you won’t be glued to the screen all day on the practice day! There will be integration time in which you can lie down and you there will also be exercises outside.
  • I will teach the LKR movements step by step and you will be able to practise at home right away. That’s the idea!
  • You will be initiated into the energy field of the LKR.
  • We will do the meditations with the symbols both sitting and lying down.
  • During the practice day we will also practice with the sounds manifested by energy master Tareth, which specifically resonate with the symbols.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone can join so be welcome, you don’t need any prior knowledge
  • Maybe you have done the life force ritual once and want to delve more into it
  • Or maybe you have experience with meditation but haven’t yet found the right form that suits you.
  • Or maybe you are looking for something innovative and deepening that can take you to the ‘next level’ on your path.

FREE online trial lesson on 25th March

I have tried my best to share my experiences of the life force ritual with you but ultimately it is something you need to experience first-hand yourself. I am offering a free online trial lesson on the 25th March from 20.00 – 21.15. To sign up for this please send me an e-mail (justin@modernehypnotherapie.nl)

Course dates

The online evening lessons will take place on Tuesday 14, 21 & 28 May, 4, 11, 18 & 25 June and 9 July from 20.00 to 21.30. These will be recorded so you can repeat the lesson or do it at a later date if you miss one.

The online practice day is on the 29th June from 10.00 – 17.00. Don’t worry, you won’t be glued to the screen all day! There will be integration time in which you can lie down and you there will also be exercises outside.


The investment is €285 for 8 online sessions including links to the recordings and 1 online practice day.


If you have any questions, please email me at justin@modernehypnotherapie.nl or call me on 06-12560631.