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Men’s work group: The empowered & loving man

Since I have moved to the Veluwe I have stopped the men’s work group and have no current plans to start a new one.

The world needs men who celebrate their manhood, who can be both sensitive and strong, both wise and crazy, both male and female. We need a new example of masculinity, one that honours our wounds and failures, as well as our qualities, power and beauty. This new man is being born out of the ashes of the old, and that is happening in our lifetime. If there is one thing the world needs now, it is that men are standing up to their greatness, to be warriors of the heart and caretakers of the earth. It is our future that is at stake, and the future of our children. Ton van der Kroon

To become a truly empowered man you need two things: Brotherhood to help you own and channel the positive, authentic power of your male energy and secondly, a real grounded connection to your feelings. This is the essence of this men’s work group: The empowered and loving man.

1. Brotherhood

As men we need sincere and authentic brotherhood to step out of ouw shadows. Men who call us on our bullshit and encourage us to OWN what we are going through, what we are feeling and what we need and what we don’t. It is so important that we as men step up in this area and engage our male energy in a positive and responsive way. Particularly, with the things you maybe avoiding, numbing or rejecting. This could be, for example, fears, insecurities, old patterns of behaviour, anger, shame or sadness. I call this new mind-set OWN it! With an authentic sense of brotherhood supporting you, you really can go deeper and connect more genuinely with your own potential and take more leadership of your life.

2. Grounded connection with your feelings

We will encourage one another to open up and share, to expres ourselves and to reveal our vulnerability. We will practice being honest, clear and transparant in what we feel. This can be scary in the beginning but it is incredibly liberating and healing. It enables us to drop down more into our female energy and develop a grounded connection to our feelings. If you see the male energy as a tree and the female energy as Mother earth, you can understand that the deeper are male roots go in to the earth, the stronger and more secure the tree will be. This is why being more connected to and owning our feelings gives us both inner stability and balance, as well as a foundation we can build are dreams on.

Typical themes we will encounter are….

  • purpose and direction
  • the power of your vulnerability
  • being present
  • holding your ground without breaking the connection
  • clarity and transparancy
  • really feeling your feelings and emotions
  • shadow male and female energy within ourselves
  • relaxing in to your male energy
  • feeling free and deeply connected in relationships

A safe space

Creating a safe space in which we can share and open up is very important.


If you want to take part in this men’s work group you have to commit to at least 6 monthly sessions. This commitment is required in order to create a real sense of brotherhood and to go deeper in to the process of becoming a more empowered and loving man.


Please note that the group will be held online until the Corona measures allow us to meet live.


The door (or the Zoom meeting) opens at 19.30 so you can come in and settle down and have a cup of tea before we officially start at 19.45. We finish at 22.00.


There are no new dates planned at the moment.


The investment is €195 for the whole series


You can contact me by e-mail (justin@modernehypnotherapie.nl) or call me on 06-12560631.