What type of therapy do I give?

Yesterday evening I attended a friend’s book presentation and found myself sharing my views, to a big room full of people, on how passionate I feel about connecting to the humanity and vulnerability of my clients. To let go of my expertise and bless my clients with my own humanness.

I felt quite nervous doing it but after the presentation and talks many people came up to me and responded in such a positive and encouraging way to what I had earlier shared. They all asked, ‘What type of therapy do you give?’

After answering this question several times it became clearer to me that I am pushing the boundaries of what I am doing in my work and that this is a creative, organic process driven by my heart. And that in each and every encounter and session, in each true connection with another person, there is a two-way healing process going on.

As I write this I realise that this is actually pioneering work, not just for me but for all of us, who are on this path of opening our hearts more. And on this path we will be challenged, it will sometimes be scary but our inner truth will ultimately prevail. That our hearts want to open up more and share their love and truth.

So I came to the conclusion, in answer to the question, what type of therapy do you give, that I am a pioneer of love and truth.

The ultimate truth is that we all have barriers in ourselves that prevent us from loving ourselves more and receiving love from others. Opening our hearts more to ourselves is pioneering work for all of us.

Writing this post is about saying YES to this energy, YES to what I feel that life, the universe and Mother earth want me to do. To be a pioneer of love and truth.